Native Homestead was founded after we realized that people frequently sought our advice and suggestions to improve on their branding, design, experiences, concept and strategies for their private farms, home-stays and realty businesses.

We then decided to offer our services under the Native Homestead banner which we co-founded to offer cutting edge branding thoughts, strategic solutions, innovative and organic farming practices.


Preetham Madhukar – Co Founder

Preetham wears many hats including that of a trustee of Varuna Foundation, founder of Skills Beyond Education, Inner Strength Guide and Maritime consultancy along with his farming and organic related services through Native Homestead.

Preetham is a ship captain and has sailed over international waters for over 2 decades, touching many interesting ports, people and life experiences. He brings a rich international experience and exposure to farming and branding business.

Preetham has learnt about Bio-dynamic farming, permaculture and organic farming practices by understudying from the renowned Dr Sarvdaman Patel for the last few years. He is a certified Bio-Dynamic farmer and is an avid reader and learner and keeps constantly experimenting his farming knowledge, new practices and keeps re-learning new ways to improve his farm in Mysore.

He helps realty organisations and farm owners with their design, concept, experiences and strategies for their realty business, home-stays and other private farms businesses.

Natasha Menezes – Co Founder

Natasha has worked as a graphic designer in premier organisations and helped them with their branding and design solutions. Having lived most of her formative years in Kuwait and Canada, she brings an international perspective to design, branding and farming practices. She has also worked as a school teacher in Kuwait and Mumbai before finding her niche in the educational programs of Varuna Foundation and Skills Beyond Education.

She enjoys nature-related activities and spending time with her two dogs. She makes time for writing and art during her day, and balances it with movement through yoga, dance or sports.

Natasha is a certified bio-dynamic farmer and likes to incorporate these learnings along with her self-explored practices from permaculture and organic farming. She tries these learning experiments at her farm in Mangalore.

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